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Heat Exchange Tube

Heat exchanger Tube are used in all types of process industries. We offer the market`s widest selection of stainless steel grades and has extensive experience of manufacturing heat exchanger tubes.A heat exchange coil for use in engine radiators or other heat exchange units is provided. The coil includes a Heat Exchange Tube with an insert fitted therein. The insert includes a longitudinal core, with a plurality of fins depending radially from the core. The fins have a tip section formed with a curved contour but with an outer diameter slightly larger than the inside diameter of the tube. The fins are sufficiently thin to permit flexing of the tip sections to take on the contour of the inner surface of the tube when inserted into the tube. In another embodiment of the invention, the insert includes a longitudinal core with a plurality of fins having bifurcated ends. The fins depend radially from the core. The bifurcated ends of the fins are curved in opposite directions and are flexible to permit insertion into the heat exchange tube. The outer diameter defined by the curved ends of the bifurcated fins is slightly larger than the inside diameter of the tube such that upon insertion into the tube, positive heat exchange contact is obtained between the ends of the fins and the inner.


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