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Application and development of Duplex Steel Pipe

duplex steel pipe

Now, with the development of chemical industry in China, the Duplex Stainless Steel Pipe used more widely, the domestic duplex Stainless Steel Pipe with an annual growth rate of 10%, in oil, urea and other industries also have great development prospects. Duplex stainless steel pipe in the performance of outstanding performance is the high yield strength and resistance to stress corrosion, good weldability, weld cold cracking susceptibility and thermal cracks are small. In Japan, austenitic and ferritic stainless steel pipe in the petrochemical industry in the pipeline system accounted for 54% market share. China, Stainless Steel Welded Pipe is mainly used in the field of decoration, corrosion resistance welded pipe used in the petrochemical field is blank basic

1: chemical and petrochemical processing industries:

The areas covered range is very wide, complicated working conditions, a variety of media, but also the use of duplex stainless steel earlier and more fields. Currently 200,000 sets of large and 100,000 t following synthesis reactor methanol catalyst SMEs are using duplex stainless steel pipe, steel pipe and medium-sized installations in 2205, the use of imported pipe more and more small devices using 18- 5Mo type of domestic steel. Oxychlorination reactor Qilu Petrochemical Company of vinyl chloride means of cooling coils media conditions (HCI, water vapor) harsh, currently using 2205 duplex stainless steel pipe imports, the use of the results to be seen. The catalyst regeneration cooler ethylene plant using domestic similar DP3 00C25Ni7Mo3WCuN duplex stainless steel pipe made sea water cooler, water outlet temperature 40t, has been used intermittently for 15 years, with good results. Henan coal cooler several chemical plants are pulverized coal gasification plant using imported steel pipe manufacturing 2205. The next five years China petrochemical industry has developed rapidly in construction, the proposed large-scale petrochemical projects throughout the country, according to the construction in progress and planned construction projects currently available, and the petrochemical industry in 2005 annual demand for stainless steel tubes about 1.6 million t . With the development of improving product quality and made of stainless steel special grades of products, the next five years in terms of the domestic petrochemical industry application of stainless steel will continue to increase.

2: Oil and gas industry:

This is one of the main areas of application abroad duplex stainless steel, the current oil and gas pipelines have been laid 1000km. Only a small amount of domestic South China Sea oilfield use all imports. In addition, the natural gas project west of the Tarim Basin gas gathering pipelines to consider use of duplex stainless steel pipe, the country has the conditions of production and manufacturing. The use of domestic oil refining industry is the first sector of duplex stainless steel, in Nanjing, Zhenhai, Tianjin, Jinan and other refining companies with more concentrated in the atmospheric and vacuum distillation tower overhead lining (or composite board), the tower components, and air coolers water coolers, etc., the longest has been used for 20 years. Small size duplex Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe production, the country has been relatively mature, the current urgent need to address the larger sizes and seamless pipe production, the production process to be developed. Also, how will the price down duplex stainless steel products, but also related to the development of domestic duplex stainless steel. Although the expansion of production, the production of marketable products LO is very important, should not be overlooked is to adopt new technologies, the use of molybdenum oxide ball instead of metal molybdenum, nickel oxide instead of metal nickel, reduce smelting costs, promote the use of duplex stainless steel casting technology, improve the finished product rate.

3: In the fertilizer industry applications:
Fertilizer industry using domestic 0Cr25Ni6Mo3CuN aging strengthening of duplex stainless steel, with its abrasion resistance for the main inner parts urea plant process piping specifications of the high-pressure shut-off valve, the effect is good. The current production of urea and NH3 CO2 Stripping Stripping mostly used in high-alloy austenitic stainless steel, or titanium, the country has started on the pump body carbamate large urea plant with high chromium duplex stainless steel in place 316L (urea grade) steel. Since the 1980s, Toyo Engineering Corporation developed the new process ACES Urea stripper, carbamate condenser and the high pressure decomposition column three high-pressure equipment have adopted the DP-12 (containing traces of tungsten and copper 25Cr-7Ni-3Mo -N steel) and R-5 (00Cr25Ni6.5Mo1.5N) duplex stainless steel, the former for the manufacture of air stripping tube, condenser, and other decomposition tubes and pipes, which are used for high-voltage equipment housing. Petrochemical industry in 2005 annual demand for stainless steel tubes about 7800t, 2010 is expected to increase to 9600 t. National standard stainless steel for more than ten years without amendments in the revised national standard must be considered satisfied duplex stainless steel standard and amendments. Overseas production accounted for 80% of the 2205 grade specially developed user acceptance standard delivery inspection, we should also consider introducing and absorbing enrich existing test methods and standards to facilitate duplex stainless steel production and orders. In addition, duplex stainless steel and industrial potential market for civilian (such as construction - structures, bridges, reinforced concrete; such as manufacturing - vessels, storage tanks, chemical tankers, boats, tankers; and if the comforts of home - high water tank, electric water heaters, housing water Auto tubes, etc.), and research and try to promote overseas development and suitable for China's national conditions (lack of nickel less chromium) some new varieties (such as low nickel lean duplex stainless steel), I believe the Chinese promotion double phase stainless steel has a very broad application prospects.
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