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Advantages of stainless steel pipe

Under the guidance of national industrial policy, it was expelled from galvanized steel water pipes market, various forms of new pipe has been booming, especially plastic pipes (including aluminum-plastic composite pipe, plastic composite pipe, PPR pipe, etc.) its low price, easy installation, etc., in the country been more widely used. But plastic pipe on the temperature difference, environmental health and life, there are insurmountable defect itself. Various modifiers of plastic pipe, auxiliaries and additives, which are collectively referred to as the cause of human-induced change of the environmental factors, such as an organ of the human body caused by human factors need to be positive in-depth study to explore. Plastic pipes susceptible to sun ultraviolet light Xie, accelerated aging. Some flexible plastic tube is not suitable for indoor for surface, thermal expansion and contraction bent. Concealed within the tube hole there, embedded in the ceiling wall or embedded in the leveling layer, the inner tube lined with aluminum, cement due to corrosion should not be buried or embedded in the wall installation. So without modifiers plastics and chemical composition of the surface coating of heavy metal or metal molecules manage their health properties. Thus, copper pipes, stainless steel pipes and other metal pipes began coming into view. Among them, the thin-walled Stainless Steel Tube with superior safety and reliability, environmental health, economical and so on, has become a new choice water pipe.

Stainless steel is a recognized health can be implanted in the body material, stainless steel pipes for the materials in the developed countries have many years of successful application records, and has become the world trend and direction of development. Stainless steel pipes are called "21st century truly green pipe."
stainless steel pipe

Stainless Steel Pipe has the following outstanding advantages:

1. Excellent mechanical properties, superior wear resistance. Chromium-rich oxide film on the surface of the stainless steel thin, dense, making the stainless steel pipes in all, including water quality including water softeners are having good corrosion resistance, even if buried underground also has excellent corrosion resistance.

2. Excellent corrosion resistance
Stainless steel pipes can withstand up to 30 m / s high-speed water erosion, with a high head hydropower diversion stainless steel pipe, nozzle end of the water speed of 60 m / sec or more, and still more than 100 years of life.

3.304 stainless steel pipe material tensile strength greater than 530 N / mm, is 2 times the galvanized pipe, brass
3-4 times, 8-10 times PPR pipe, but also has good ductility and toughness.

4. help conserve water, looks beautiful, clean, stylish, 100% recyclable, good health and safety performance, good heat resistance, good insulation properties, water resistance smooth wall small.

5. Stainless steel long-term job security at a temperature of -270 ℃ -400 ℃, whether high or low temperatures, will not precipitate harmful substances, materials performance is quite stable.

6. cold rolled coil market stainless steel pipes, wall smooth, water resistance is very small, at low water flow resistance is only 2/5 of steel pipe, reducing the pressure loss, reducing transportation costs, and health, can not easily be bacteria dirt, not fouling.

7. The insulation properties of stainless steel pipes is 24 times the copper tube, reducing heat loss, particularly suitable for hot water delivery.

8. not cause environmental pollution, environmental protection, contribute to sustainable development, and stainless scrap have great economic value.

9. A stainless steel safe non-toxic, non-corrosive and exudate, odor or turbidity problem, not cause secondary pollution to water quality, keep the water pure health, health security completely guaranteed.

10. help to improve the quality of city buildings can be surface mounted, can also be concealed, may also be buried underground.

11. can be used for municipal water supply pipe network, pipeline direct drinking water, water transport, high-speed outdoor variety of occasions, city fire water supply, pumping stations and other high-grade building water supply, heating pipes, steam pipes and cold areas.

12. The high strength stainless steel pipes, which greatly reduces the likelihood of leaks affected by external force, significantly reducing water leakage rate, so that effective protection of water resources and utilization.

13. The use of a wide range of long life and low overall cost. Field corrosion test data indicate that the life of stainless steel pipes up to 100 years, almost no maintenance over the life cycle, to avoid the expense and hassle of replacement pipeline, low operating cost, integrated use of cost (calculated in 50-year life) only 1/4, 1/2 brass 1/2 galvanized pipe, high-quality PPR pipes.
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